The device its self become very well packaged, once you open the box the drive its self is contained within a thick protective foam casing,  a drive is wrapped inside a bag, to prevent scratches on the aluminum body..

Underneath the drive there was a separating flap which stored a carry case along with the software cd and several cables to connect the drive to your machine.  There are three cables provided all 0.6m in length, there is a firewire 800 cable, a firewire 800 -> 400 cable and a USB cable.

As soon as I connected it up the computer recognised the drive, mounted it and it was ready to use. I made the change in Time machine preferences to use this as my drive, and with straight away my new time machine backup started.  The transfer rate was very impressive, I was using firewire 800, at this time I have not got any statistics, but I will collate some and post them here.

It is a very small portable drive, carrying it around even in the protective case is not really an issue, the actual size of the drive is:

    Length 4.94 inch

    Width 3.19 inch

    Height 2.2 cm

The drive itself is very quiet, even after a lot of use the drive stays cool, it has an integrated heat sink and the case is made of aluminum to help keep the running temperature down.  As you can see from the picture on the left, it has a power adapter slot, although I have not needed an external power supply as the drive is bus powered.

Overall so far I have been more than impressed with the drive it has performed incredibly well, if anyone is looking for a good portable drive I would recommend a G|Drive for both Windows and Mac users.

As always, I am always interested in all feedback. so feel free to add any comments here